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Land Use Board

The Land Use Board is responsible for:

  • Reviewing proposed site plans prior to issuance of building permits (not for one- or two-family homes)
  • Reviewing proposed subdivisions of land
  • Hearing and deciding requests from property owners for variances from the Borough's zoning regulations

Contact the Building Department at 973-627-8035 for information regarding the application process.

Contact Info

Land Use Board Secretary
Colleen Reardon
Phone Number: 973-627-2000
hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


The Land Use Board meets in the Community Center, 21-25 Union St. at 7:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month for regular meetings and the fourth Monday of the month for workshop meetings. Click here for meeting schedule.

Minutes and Agendas

Click here to view the Land Use Board minutes and agendas. They are posted on the meetings page.


The Land Use Board consists of nine members as follows:

  • Class I: The mayor or the mayor's designee in the absence of the mayor.
  • Class II: One of the officials of the municipality other than a member of the Governing Body, to be appointed by the mayor.
  • Class III: A member of the Borough Council to be appointed by it.
  • Class IV: Other citizens of the municipality, to be appointed by the mayor.
  • Four alternate members.

2020 Members:

Name Class Term Ending
Banbor, Kenneth Class IV 4-yr 12/31/20
Blair, Kenneth Class IV (Chairman) 4-yr 12/31/23
Freiermuth, Joyce Class IV 3-yr 12/31/20
Greuter, Russell Class III 1-yr 12/31/20
Hamman, Ron Alternate #2 2-yr 12/31/21
Hopler, William Class II 1-yr 12/31/20
Howarth, Mark Class IV 4-yr 12-31-23
Koch, Barbara Alternate #3 2-yr 12/31/20
Leonard, Janet Alternate #1 2-yr 12/31/21
Maulbeck, Joseph Class IV 4-yr 12/31/22
Mulligan, Thomas Class I (Mayor) 4-yr 12/31/24
Rose, Kim Class IV 4-yr 12/31/20


Land Use notices will be posted on the News and Announcements page.

Pending Applications

Application #067
RPM Development LLC Minor Subdivision Application - Block 73 Lot 65 - West Main Street and Mount Pleasant Avenue
Application 3.5 MB
Cover Letter and Waivers
Donation Deed 5 MB
Drawings Submission
DPW notes
EcoForm 3.5 MB
Engineer's Letter 082520
Enviromental Impact Statement
Final Siteplan Checklist
Fire Marshal Comments
Planner Report #1 14 MB
Preliminary and Final Site Plan 12 MB
Subdivision Checklist
Traffic Impact Letter Report
Architects rendering and material board, 8-31-20
DPW report, 8-18-20 with applicants responses (1)
DPW report, 8-18-20 with applicants responses (2)
Engineers Report 8-25-20 with applicant responses (1)
Planners report with applicant reponses, 8-26-20 (1) 14 MB
Site Layout Exhibit 04197 2020-08-31 (4)
Stormwater Management Calculations
Stormwater Management Plans

Application #067 was on the September 1 agenda
Application #067 is on the September 15 agenda

Forms and Applications

Land Use forms and applications are posted on the Applications and Forms page.

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